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Portuguese group ISQ is distinguished in exports and internationalisation

The Group has therefore seen its efforts in internationalisation and in the export of services and know-how recognised in the area of technology engineering and transfer in countries in which it is present, in other export markets and in various sectors of activity, such as: energy, in areas like nuclear power, oil and gas and […]

LIFE SWSS | ISQ participates in LIFE platform

The meeting will showcase innovations in technology, new management initiatives and the governance challenges, that need to be met, to overcome some of the key barriers and bottlenecks to achieving and maintaining ‘good water status’ in water courses throughout Europe.

ISQApave certifies equipment in Angola

The inspection and non-destructive testing of this equipment involves 8 to 10 specialist technicians during a period of 4 years. The inspection will be carried out at the Schlumberger facilities in Luanda – Sonil’s Base and in Soyo – Kwanda Base. ISQAPAVE operates in the Angolan market providing inspection/supervision services in the areas of mechanical […]

AFNOR certifies ISQ’s aeronautical and space areas

This certification recognises ISQ’s expertise and is another step in the development of ISQ aeronautical testing center in Castelo Branco, contributing through specific technical skills and know-how to the portuguese position in Europe, in a hugely selective sector such as aeronautics. ISQ already has extensive experience in the aerospace sector with, among others, the CUST […]

ISQ Group invests in new aeronautic testing center

ISQ, the Portuguese group providing inspection, testing, training and technical consulting services all over the world, has entered the second stage of installation of a testing center in the northeastern city of Castelo Branco, due to start operation in 2014. ISQ has just signed a contract with Embraer for the performance of tests in the […]

ISQ Group invests in new center in Brazil

This center will focus on research in areas where ISQ has been rendering services in Brazil, such as advanced non-destructive testing and management and assessment of critical industrial assets. These R&D activities will be an essential support to the ISQ Brazil development, in particular in the sectors of Energy, Oil & Gas, Industry in general […]

Portuguese ISQ Group part of the technical commission of Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan

ISQ integrates a panel of experts formed by 12 members, comprising architects and specialists in the area of sustainable building and construction, of which eight are Kazakhs and four are foreign. The role of this Technical Commission is to classify more than 50 bids received from all over the world. These bid come after the […]