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Safety | Oil & Gas

We verify the Fuel Measurement and Distribution Systems, which measure the amount of liquid volume that enters the vehicle’s tanks. This service is essential to ensure the safety of people and goods and to protect the end consumer.  

Temperature recorder for food safety

All frozen food transport and storage are equipped with recording instruments suitable for regulating temperatures. At ISQ, we monitor the temperatures of the entire cold chain to ensure that perishable foods are kept at appropriate temperatures and that these are recorded, with the aim of eliminating or minimizing the risks to consumers’ health, through continuous […]

Safe packaging

At ISQ we test food packaging to ensure food safety. Packaging has the function of protecting food products from the outside, through the properties of materials. Thus, we are able not only to conserve food, but also to delay its loss of quality.

Safe calibrations and tests

Our main priority is the ?????? ??? ?????? of our employees, family, clients and partners. In this spirit of commitment, ???’? ????????? ?????????? (Labmetro) continues to respond to clients’ calibration and testing needs. Labmetro provides metrology services in the fields of health, electrical, radiofrequency, dimensional, temperature, humidity, mass, volume, pressure, strength, torque, optics, topography, acoustics, […]

SAFETY | Food Quality

Preservation of ???? ??????? (frozen or deep-frozen) circulating in refrigerated vehicles that carry out national and international transport must be ensured. In our Laboratory in Castelo Branco, Portugal (LEE- Laboratório de Ensaios Especiais), we carry out tests on vehicles transporting perishable products. Thus, we guarantee that if a certain product has to travel at a […]