Assessment of maintenance services providers

Assessment of maintenance services providers

ISQ AGD is a consulting process for the implementation of quality assessment systems in the delivery of contracts for the provision of maintenance services. These contracts are designed to be developed into two distinct phases and normally takes place over a period of three to four years. Development Identification, together with the customer and the service providers, of the parameters to be measured, duly adapted to the scope of activities covered in the contracts, facilities and equipment to assess, i.e. we define service standards adapted to the current state of objects to evaluate. The aim of this process is not to penalise service providers, but rather to create fair assessment parameters that allow this characterization to reflect the quality of services rendered in accordance with the initial state of objects. One of the grounds for this methodology is the assessment of various objects before performing the activities provided for in the service contracts, not only to be able to characterize the condition in which the objects are but also to be able to assess the adaptability of the periodicity of interventions. Monitoring Definition of sampling models, considered significant as they enable the assessment of the quality of different service contracts. Given the high volume of information that the system thus created offers, the sampling required for the assessment of the condition of equipment and facilities is frankly lower than that used in conventional systems and, consequently, its cost is very low. In this phase, the intention if that the customer, the service provider and the teams of the ISQ assess the various objects in order to establish a history, thus creating a real service profile. This process can be simplified by processing a high volume of data through a WEB interface application which allows for the dematerialisation and relocation / globalisation of the entire process of data introduction and storage, assessment consulting and reporting in a very simple and intuitive way.


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