Assessment of proposals

Assessment of proposals, suppliers and specifications

ISQ offers a multicriteria analysis service for evaluation of proposals and its technical and economic aspects, assessment of suppliers and analysis and review of tender specifications and technical specifications. ISQ uses all its experience and technical capacity in this area, thus assisting companies in complying with the deadlines both as to the implementation of projects and respective budgets. Analysis and assessment of proposals Analysis of proposals, drafting a comparative map and assessment of the work proposed, in accordance with the specifications and standards or international guidelines for the completion of the work in question. Analysis and review of technical specifications Preparation and validation of technical specifications, responding to customers’ needs and in accordance with the codes of construction/repair, standards, laws and regulations applicable in the areas: Welding in polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) Installations of air conditioning or HVAC Networks of transportation and distribution of gas and water and sanitation Environment Service contracts of inspection and maintenance Technical specifications and acceptance criteria for materials Audits for the qualification of suppliers Preparation of audit programs covering the entire chain: Search, Selection, Evaluation, Qualification, Monitoring and Development of suppliers, performing the customer only the management of the process.


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