Buildings distribution networks inspection

Buildings distribution networks inspection

ISQ performs technical assessment inspection of distribution networks of coaxial cables, water systems in buildings and thermal and photovoltaic solar systems. Coaxial cables Technical inspection for assessment of coaxial cable networks for CATV, MATV and SMATV service support in every type of cabling and structured networks. Testing Signal strength/attenuation Signal to noise ratio RBER for analogue and digital signals Fibre-optic networks Technical inspection of assessment of fibre-optic networks to support all telecommunication services and every all types of electrical wiring in structured networks. Performance of tests set out in EN 50174 standard or equivalent, including tests of total loss and optical reflectometry. Copper pairs networks Technical inspection for assessment of copper networks to support voice and data services, in every type of electrical cabling in structured networks. Performance of the tests set out in EN 50174 standard or equivalent as continuity, attenuation, NEXT, ACR, losses per return, loop resistance, propagation delay, differential delay, PSNEXT, PSACR, ELFEXT, PSELFEXT, for types of connection applicable and types of desired cabling, particularly category 5E and 6A. Water system in buildings Monitoring and validation of hydraulic and hydrostatic tests, according to technical and regulatory requirements in water and sanitation for all materials, in particular through the application of testing standards (EN 805, NP 1610, NP 1611 and others) and customer requirements. Thermal solar and photovoltaic systems Requirements survey Technical specifications Verification of compliance with the technical installation specifications Analysis of the system actual status Checking the operation of the system Reception of solar installations Technical reports Technical solutions


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