Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection

ISQ offers inspection, auditing services and monitoring of cathodic protection systems for the mitigation of corrosion on underground or submerged structures. ISQ adopted an effective and accurate approach to performance and control of these systems. Economically feasible, it reduces repairs costs and allows for early diagnosis. We use remote monitoring and control technology which does not require regular on-site visits to assess the existence of interference and further enables early detection of faults and malfunctions, thus saving time and resources. ISQ offers cathodic protection modeling to make a local diagnosis of the level of protection as well as assessment of eventual changes to the system such as introduction of localized damages to coating, interference with other structures, estimating the condition of perishable components of the system – coating and/or anodes, enabling an effective and appropriate corrective action. ISQ expertise Design of cathodic protection systems Implementation of systems of cathodic protection On-site or remote monitoring of relevant parameters Inspection and diagnosis of existing systems, in particular with regard to measurement of potential, coatings condition (DCVG and CIPS) Optimizing the performance of the systems Environment characterization which equipment are exposed to (resistivity of the medium and physical-chemical characteristics)


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