Electrical equipment testing and component reliability

Electric equipment testing covered by the Low Voltage Directive according to the European Standards which assumes its compliance with the essential safety requirements. Performance of this kind of testing is one of the pre-conditions for CE marking, within the scope of safety of electric equipment and its sale in the European Economic region. Testing to monitoring and support to manufacturers in the validation of all stages of product from specifications through to review testing and product inspection. This process may involve a product certification body. ISQ has agreements with the Certification Body CERTIF (Association for the Certification) for swifter certification process which issue the licenses based in the ISQ test reports. Reliability testing of components or sub-assemblies in the electric and electronics field, automotive and aerospace. In-service electric equipment testing Testing and measurement of electrical equipment and instrumentation in operation, checking its legal and regulation compliance, maintenance and safety conditions in the electric engineering and instrumentation area. Insulation resistance and dielectric strength Checking transformers processing ratio (TPR) TT and TI processing ratio Circuit-breakers up to 600 A Direct and indirect relays Resistance of earth connection and continuity of earth connection Differential protections Power load testing of emergency generators with resistive loads up to 300 kW Checking the status of each element of the battery Checking the condition of system capacitors of power factor correction Measurement of the contact resistance of the contacts of the poles of isolators and circuit-breakers Direct and indirect relays Measurement of currents, voltages, power and other ratios Thermographic examinations Field instruments Measurement and control loops Electric safety and performance testing of different appliances Transformers (EN 61558 series) Switches for appliances (EN 61058 series) Control devices (EN 60730 series) Electronic equipment (EN 60065) Electrical equipment for industrial use (EN 60204 series) Household, commercial and similar appliances (EN 60335 series) Information technology equipment (EN 60950 series) Light sources, including lighting appliances or luminaires (EN 60598 series) Low-voltage switchgear and control gear for electrical installations – sockets and connectors (IEC 60884, NP EN 1260, EN 50075 standards), installation switches (EN 60669 series), connection devices (EN 60998 series), boxes and enclosures (EN 60670 series) Welding machines (EN 60974 series) Electric low voltage switchboards (EN 61439 series) Laboratory equipment (EN 61010) Fire detection and fire alarm systems (EN 54 series) Intrusion detection systems (EN 50131 series) IP index of protection of enclosures (EN 60529) Reliability testing of components Reliability testing of components or sub-assemblies in the electric and electronics field, automotive and aerospace. Durability testing of assemblies and components, ensuring at the same time monitoring of different parameters (electrical, mechanical, etc.). Cold and dry heat (EN 60068-2-1, EN 60068-2-2) Damp heat (EN 60068-2-30, EN 60069-2-78) Heat and temperature cyclic (EN 60068-2-38) Ageing combining different cycles of temperature and humidity Saline mist (EN 60068-2-11, EN 60068-2-52) Thermal shock and temperature variation (EN 60068-2-14) Exposure to dust (EN 60529, EN 60068-2-68) Leak tightness (EN 60529) Drop (EN 60068-2-31, EN 60068-2-32) Low pressure and dry heat (EN 60068-2-41) Ozone Fluency Solar radiation and rain (EN 60068-2-5, EN 60068-2-9) Power pumping, cyclical twisting Sinusoidal vibration, random and shock in 3 axes, combined with cycles of temperature and humidity (EN 60068-2-6, EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-53, EN 60068-2-64) Resistance to chemical agents Mechanical and electrical endurance Assessment tests of mechanical resistance to impact


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