Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

ISQ Energy department offers integrated energy efficiency services and solutions, advice on energy management, energy audits in both industry and fleet vehicles, along with advice on compliance with relevant legal obligations to reduce energy consumption. ISQ has highly specialized and experienced human resources and use in its work ISQ a wide range of measuring equipment: flue gas analyzers, thermography cameras, multimeters, energy analyzers, thermal energy meters and enthalpy meters, anemometers, ultrasonic flow meters, airborn ultrasound equipment, thermometers, thermo-hygrometers, luximeters, air analyzers and many others. The energy-themed cross knowledge allows us to be a privileged partner of companies in this area, covering technical installations inspection, assessing the potential of energy resources, improving energy efficiency or technical advice for the use of renewable energies, and to fulfill legal obligations related. Energy department of ISQ has large experience in energy efficiency, due to its long history in energy audits, energy management and developing solutions for Portuguese companies and supported by R&D projects. Buildings Energy efficiency, energy consultancy and energy audits Energy simulation (EnergyPlus; Design builder; WAP; Trace, etc.) HVAC and DHW systems optimization Technical assessments and monitoring capabilities: Energy monitoring – electrical and thermal; Heat transfer coefficient of building envelope components (walls, windows, etc); Indoor air quality & noise; Building construction – identification of pathologies mostly related with structural problems; Development of on-line monitoring systems Industry Energy efficiency, energy consultancy and energy audits Heat integration analysis Inspection of leaks in compressed air networks, through ultrasound technology Energy performance diagnosis of heating and cooling equipment (Steam generators, Boilers, Chillers, etc…) Monitoring and performance assessment of systems of direct expansion (variable volume of refrigeration, heat pumps etc.) Audits of systems, equipment or processes in thermal power stations, compressed air stations, pumping stations, cold stations, furnaces, greenhouses and boilers Assessment and analysis of enthalpy energy Energy audit on transportation ISQ is a recognized body to perform energy audits and rationalization plans for energy consumption in the transportation sector to: Identify measures to reduce energy consumption on fleet vehicles, by at least 5 % to meet the legal requirements Improve the energy performance and reduce consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions Cogeneration installations Examination of the conditions for the use of energy: Survey and evaluation of the amount of electricity produced by cogeneration installations, amount of energy auto-consumed, amount of thermal energy harnessed from the hot gases from the engine, thermal energy harnessed from the cooling water circuits of motors, existing instrumentation in the installation and calibration of their state, calculation of the equivalent electric efficiency of the installation. Renewable energy Project & studies Inspection & performance assessment Impact studies Development of ESCO projects Development of ESCO projects (Energy Service Companies) and Measurement & Verification Plans (energy savings) Training centre Energy efficiency projects Development of energy efficiency projects in accordance with the methodology established in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), and advice on energy management.



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