Environmental assessment

Environmental assessment

ISQ provides a wide range of services in the area of environmental assessment, including monitoring and consultancy activities in all stages of any project or infrastructure – from project to decommissioning – including all environmental descriptors – water, air, soil, wastes, noise, ecology and dangerous substances. Environmental surveillance and monitoring of construction projects ISQ supports the promoter or the contractor and develops the necessary actions within the framework of environmental on-site management, thereby ensuring compliance with the environmental legislation applicable to building and construction and implementation of good environmental practices. ISQ possesses environmental laboratories, fully equipped and certified according to international standards; therefore ISQ can also undertake the environmental monitoring of any construction project, performing in-situ monitoring, sample collection and laboratorial analysis. Environmental audits ISQ undertakes audits to evaluate the environmental performance of an organization, under predefined audit criteria. This diagnosis tool implies a documental analysis, complemented with an evaluation of on-site activities, processes and infrastructures. ISQ undertakes environmental audits with the following scopes: Internal, external and second party audits (suppliers and/or clients) to environmental management systems Legal compliance evaluation Due diligence Air quality studies Emissions and quality monitoring Mathematical modelling of the air pollutants dispersion Evaluation studies of ambient air quality in accordance with European Directives on ambient air quality Evaluation studies of air pollution impacts on human health, according to guide values of the World Health Organization Technical consultancy in pollutant emissions reduction, including feasibility studies, technical and economic viability studies on best available techniques Greenhouse gases emission calculation Environmental liability and risk analysis Environmental risk analysis makes it possible to determine the probability of occurrence of a specific environmental damage and its consequences on the environment and human health. It is performed in 4 sequential phases: Preliminary diagnosis; Definition of the conceptual model; Environmental risk analysis and Identification of corrective measures and estimated costs. The methodology developed by ISQ follows international regulations and specific software is used for risk analysis, such as RISK WORKBENTCH, MODFLOW and others. Environmental risk analysis is a tool used for the preparation of safety reports in the framework of SEVESO Directive and also for the application of the environmental liability regime (Environmental Liability Directive). Environmental impact assessment An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the possible positive or negative impacts that a proposed project may have on the environment, to ensure that decision makers (promoters and public authorities) consider the resultant environmental impacts when deciding whether or not to proceed with a specific project. The environmental impact evaluation process always includes a public consultation phase. ISQ possesses multidisciplinary teams that are able to provide technical support to our clients throughout the whole administrative procedure of Environmental Impact Evaluation, starting with the preparation and delivery of the EIA, and also providing technical support in the contacts with Competent Authorities and during the public consultation.


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