Fire safety

ISQ performs assessment of explosion risk in environments with explosive atmospheres, to check compliance of installations with the legal requirements, within the scope of the ATEX Directive and to perform inspection of fire safety systems. ATEX Directive Classification of hazardous areas, in accordance with European and international standards and codes. Inspection of electrical/mechanical equipment installed in classified areas and assessment of their suitability and condition based on IEC 60079-17 and EN 13463-1 standards. Preparation of manuals for protection against explosions, identifying areas deemed dangerous, possible sources of ignition and assessment of explosion risk. Inspection of fire safety systems ISQ is the technical partner of the entity in charge of safety (owner, manager of the building and condominium administration), checking the operational and maintenance capacity of all fire safety systems in the building in accordance with CEPREVEN and NFPA international standards. Among the systems and equipment covered, we highlight: Fire trap doors and compartmentalisation Signage and emergency lighting Automatic fire detection systems Smoke control systems (smoke extraction) Means of intervention (extinguishers and fire fighting piping) and means of automatic fire extinguishing with water (sprinklers, foams) or other extinguishing agents, pumping stations.


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