In-service inspection in industrial plants

In-service inspection in industrial plants

ISQ provides an independent service of shutdown and turnaround inspection in industrial plants, to support the operators in the optimisation of the lifecycle and performance of your premises, in accordance with the strategic and economic objectives, safety and environmental aspects. In the process industry, periodicals shutdowns allows for the performance of actions of extended maintenance and inspection of equipment and facilities. Shutdown inspection in industrial plants, medium-sized or large, requires a preparation step relatively complex and the use of a fair deal of human and material resources for the implementation of the planned actions. As a result of this, are defined inspection and test plans, for each equipment or component, which should take into account the history, the project and operational conditions and the determination of the likely mechanisms of degradation of the equipment. The inspection and test plan will define the types of inspection and tests to be carried out as well as the sampling and the areas to be tested. During shutdowns, inspections may be voluntary or derived from legal obligations (D.L. nº. 211/99 and D.L. nº. 90/2010, in the case of Portugal). In any case, inspections during shutdowns are part of the management of the integrity of the equipment and facilities of a company that is aware of the need to ensure the proper functioning and security of their units. ISQ supports its customers in different phases associated with a shutdown for inspection of industrial equipment. ISQ expertise Shutdown organisation plan Inspection and testing plans Coordination of all the activities during the shutdown Issuance of a specific report by each equipment, with conclusions and practical recommendations on the suitability for the service, for the next operation period provided ISQ has a long experience, human and material resources in inspection during shutdown of equipment and industrial installations, in a context of total management of its integrity.


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