Industrial safety

Risk management ISQ offers risk management of projects to minimize threats and impacts on the project resulting from fortuitous occurrences. On the other hand it takes opportunities that may arise to meet or reduce deadlines and costs, to improve quality and safety and to identify opportunities for improvement and compliance with ISO 31000. Assessment of professional risks Assessment of professional risks involves a methodical analysis, based on the principle of “Company Knowledge” thus enabling ISQ to comply with the Labour Code and to ensure both safety and health of its workers, based on OHSAS 18001 and NP 4397 standards. Organisation of safety and health in the workplace systems ISQ is an ACT accredited body for the Organization of Services of Safety in the Workplace, to prevent occupational risks and to promote and monitor the health of workers. Seveso Directive Support in the compliance with the requirements set out in the Seveso Directive for businesses where dangerous substances are present and on risk analysis in “Seveso establishments”. Forensic analysis ISQ provides technical expertise, for both individuals and companies (insurance companies, expert technical work companies, etc.) and judicial authorities, along with research of accidents at work, using the most appropriate methodology, particularly RCA (Root Cause Analysis). Safety adviser for transportation of dangerous goods Support as safety adviser for companies whose activities are operations of road transportation of dangerous goods, packaging operations, cargo, filling or discharge connected with this kind of transport, developing diagnosis activities, advice and implementation of appropriate measures.


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