Inspection and reception of materials and equipment

Inspection and reception of materials and equipment

The inspection and approval of materials and equipment in shop and on-site minimizes the possibility of materials and/or equipment not complying with technical specifications (building codes, standards, specifications of project and applicable legislation). Decreases the risks that can lead to a reduction in the expected lifecycle and costs, as well as the possibility of accidents with adverse consequences for the personnel and environment and thus reducing social impact or material losses (delays, losses of production, repairing and increase of insurance premiums). Provision of these services is done in the context of new constructions, repairing and maintenance either for civil, electrical or mechanical sectors. These services aim at to confirm that materials and equipment meet the requirements of the purchase order establishing their condition upon reception (conservation status, damage during transportation, etc.). ISQ offers highly experienced and certified personnel with state of the laboratorial support allowing the implementation of the most correct and cost effective technical solutions to overcome any non-conformities detecting during reception of materials and equipment both in shop and on the assembly site.


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