Laboratories design

Laboratories design

From the experience and knowledge acquired over more than 40 years in the implementation of its own laboratories, ISQ offers services allow its customers to design, build and explore their own labs. ISQ expertise Design of laboratories and infrastructures Planning of the facilities, including the architecture project and special technical areas, taking into account the specific requirements of laboratory facilities, in particular: – The workflow – The segregation of tasks – Environmental conditions and safety – The equipment to install – The tests to be carried out – The products to manipulate – Effluent and its treatment Construction Inspection of the laboratories construction, validation of the installation of infrastructures Installation of equipment Validation of installations and commissioning and receipt of equipment Operation of laboratories ISQ transfers the required technology for the start of operation of laboratories via training and certification of laboratory technicians and, if necessary, availability of their own technicians to supervise the implementation of laboratory at the customer premises. ISQ provides consultancy services for all processes leading to certification and accreditation of laboratories. ISQ has the expertise to manage laboratory projects to support the industry, on a turnkey basis, particularly in the fields of chemical analyses, metrology, non-destructive testing, materials and connection technologies.


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