Non-destructive testing - Advanced

Non-destructive testing – Advanced

When the response to needs for inspection of materials, equipment and structures does not fall in the so-called conventional non-destructive testing techniques (NDT), ISQ uses a range of Advanced NDT. Supported by its R&D department, ISQ has its own ability to develop applications of NDT techniques according to the customer needs. These advanced NDT solutions enable you to store and share data, thereby rendering the dissemination and consultation of results fully accessible to all areas involved, e.g. quality, production and maintenance. The increased sensitivity of this kind of tests and the spatial resolution make inspections more feasible and less dependent on the operator, significantly improving the probability to detect discontinuities. Test capacity Computed Radiography (CR) Phased array (PA) Automated Phased array (PA AUT) Ultrasound by immersion (iris) Guided waves – long range UT EMAT (electromagnetic acoustic transducer) ACFM Eddy Current Testing Remote Field Eddy Current Testing Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) Floor Scan Infrared Thermography Standard thermography inspections Electric equipment Thermal insulation of pipe racks and equipment’s both hot or cold Checking or detection of defects on the inner refractory of boilers, furnaces, kilns, chimney’s, etc. Detection of moister or water infiltration Insulation of builds or structures Quality control on the development of new products or manufacturing process Defect analyses inside materials, like masonry, metallic structures, wood structures, composite materials and many others Infrared thermography with micro waves excitation Can be applied for osmosis or delamination detection inside glass fibre composites of boat hulls, windmills blades. Lock-In thermography Can be used in composite materials for detection of inner defects in the airspace and car industry. Transient thermography Can be applied for a range of situations like composite materials, works of art, among many others. Aplications Welded Construction in general, either equipment or piping Metallic Structures Construction of industrial equipment Maintenance of industrial equipment Analysis of materials Non-metallic materials (ex: composite) Read more


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