Non-destructive testing - Conventional

Non-destructive testing – Conventional

Non-destructive control laboratory The Non-destructive testing laboratory, offers a wide range of non-destructive tests to its customers. Also known as techniques of “NDT – Non-Destructive Testing” or NDE – Non Destructive Evaluation, the conventional non-destructive testing techniques use the basic principles of visual inspection; radiography; ultrasound and electromagnetism to perform the detection and dimensioning of discontinuities in materials. The application of one or several test techniques allows us to provide fundamental elements for the assessment of the condition and quality of construction. With the exception of industrial radiography conventional non-destructive testing does not provide a record of results, being dependent on the punctual assessment that should always be performed by a qualified technician. ISQ expertise Penetrant liquids Magnetic particles Industrial radiography (x-ray) Industrial gammagraphy (gamma rays) Ultrasound Induced currents Ultrasonic thickness measurement Materials laboratory The materials laboratory has portable equipment to perform non-destructive testing at the customer’s premises. ISQ expertise Chemical analysis of metallic alloys (two portable sets of equipment) Optical emission spectrometry X-Ray fluorescence Testing the hardness Metallographic replicas Measurement of ferrite Read more


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