Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety

Industrial hygiene Assessment and control of workers’ exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents in industrial establishments, workshops, warehouses and laboratories Assessment studies on occupational exposure are performed on the basis of international reference documents and international and portuguese standards (ex: NIOSH; OSHA; HSE; AIHA; NP 1796:2007). Chemical agents Qualitative risk assessment – identification of chemical agents in the work environment and assessment of the risk arising from the presence of these agents, based on their toxicological and physical properties Quantitative risk assessment of chemical agents – dust, fibres, gases, vapours, aerosols and smoke Physical agents Assessment of thermal comfort according with ISO 7730 Assessment of thermal stress, with calculation of WBGT index, according with ISO 7243 Assessment of exposure to artificial optical radiation Assessment of exposure to electromagnetic fields, particularly ionising and non-ionising radiation Assessment of lighting levels Biological agents Assessment of exposure to biological agents, with identification of risk groups. Indoor air quality assessment Assessment of indoor air quality in buildings and non-residential autonomous fractions involving regular safety inspection of the HVAC system and measurement of chemical, physical and biological parameters (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), ozone, formaldehyde, PM10, radon, bacteria, fungi, legionella, temperature, humidity, air speed, air flow rates, number of renewals, efficiency of ventilation and pressure differential, in order to check under pressure or overpressure of rooms). Assessment of thermal comfort and stress Thermal comfort assessment based on ISO 7730:2005 and proposal of appropriate technical solutions to each case. Thermal stress assessment based on WBGT index (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature), according to ISO 7243. Radiological protection program Development of radiological protection programs in companies that have radioactive sources, and definition of actions to develop regarding protection against ionizing radiation. Classification of clean rooms Classification of clean rooms based on ISO 14644.


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