Projects and works management

Projects and works management

The concept of projects and works management under construction has been a requirement of the promoters to ensure that the final product complies with the requirements set forth in the project and the requirements of the users, during its useful lifetime. Management of projects requires a balance between scope, time, cost and quality and the promotion of a good relationship with the customer. ISQ Project Management Methodology (PMM) is in line with the PMI (Project Management Institute). This includes the breakdown of the project in phases that constitute its life-cycle, allowing its articulation with ISQ methodologies (described in processes set down in ISO 9001). The project lifecycle is there to define the beginning and end of the project during whose schedule the work is to be done and who should be involved. It describes the set of management areas that ought to be followed to ensure that the project is well managed. Project lifecycle Preparation – recognize, through authorization, that a project must begin and that is should proceed Planning – define and refine the objectives and the selection of the best alternatives for action in order to achieve the objectives of the project Performance – coordinate resources in order to implement the project as planned. Check that the objectives of the project are being met Closure – formalize the final acceptance of the project and terminate the project in an organized manner The management of projects in accordance with the PMM ISQ identifies and describes the main areas of both management and practices. Each of these areas (9 in total) refers to an aspect to be taken into account in the management of projects. Leaving out one area may negatively affect the project (depending on the size and complexity), considering that a project is always an integrated effort. Areas of management and practices Management of the scope of the project Management of the project schedule Financial management Quality management Management of resources Management of suppliers Risk management Management of communication Integration management


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