Real estate inspection

Real estate inspection

ISQ performs diagnostics and technical inspection on the state of repair of new and old buildings. Diagnosis and state of preservation Assessing the level of structural safety Determining the state of preservation, assessment of durability of materials Pathological condition of construction with identification of anomalies, testing to define the materials condition for future renovation or preservation interventions Technical reports, mappings of anomalies, design of technical specifications for repair purposes, ascertainment of the amount of samples needed and price estimation Technical inspection of buildings within the scope of preventive maintenance Technical expertise to identify anomalies, determine its causes and further preparation of technical reports, with photo image support Inspection of building renovation Assessment of both preservation status and diagnosis for renovation of residential buildings, offices, industrial and commercial structures in concrete, masonry, metal structures and wood structures. Technical monitoring from project renovation to quality control and commissioning of renovation work, through to safety of buildings and construction sites. Technical areas Geotechnics Foundations Superstructure Anti-corrosion protections Water, sewerage and gas networks Coverings Waterproofing Electrical installations Telecommunication installations HVAC Fire safety Lifts Walkways Escalators


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