Remnant life assessment (RLA)

Remnant life assessment (RLA)

Remnant life assessment of industrial equipment is an approach developed in Europe in the 1990s and adopted by ISQ since then. This approach focuses on qualitative and quantitative methodologies with a view to estimate as precisely as possible the remaining life of equipment subject to cumulative degradation, including fluency, corrosion, fatigue (high and low cycle) and erosion, among others. With this technology new techniques were developed to estimate the remaining useful life using calculation methods and metallurgic indicators on the progress of degradation and damage to the material. ISQ, as pioneering entity in the use of this technology, has the added capacity to provide services by using different techniques and calculations methods to estimate the remaining useful life. The application of this technology requires deep knowledge of the mechanisms of degradation and its evolution on different materials according to the operating conditions equipment is submitted to. This technology is applied essentially to pressure equipment and subjected to high temperatures, e.g. equipment in the energy, oil & gas, pulp and paper industries, among others. This service may be provided separately under consultancy or integrated in projects of extension of useful life of equipment.



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