Safety at construction sites

Safety at construction sites

ISQ develops its activities in the Site Safety area since 1989, and it is recognized as a reference entity in the sector. It has been involved in almost every major national and some international projects, providing services for a significant number of large companies. The technical body assigned to this area is well experienced and certified, and the activity is supported by a wide range of ISQ skills, measure equipment and several accredited laboratories. Preparation of health & safety plans Relative to work conditions in temporary or mobile construction sites, according EU Directive 92/57/CEE. Safety inspections in construction sites ISQ have available a team with competencies to perform the site safety coordination on the design and construction phases in accordance with the Directive 92/57/EEC, supporting the owner, assuring the implementation and maintenance of health & safety conditions, applying the health & safety plan, procedures, safety regulations and best practices rules. Inspection of individual protective equipment for works at heights Periodical inspection of personal protective equipment for works at heights, namely: harnesses, lanyards, anchors, connectors (carabiners, hooks and other links), ascension rope clamps, descenders, fall arrestor devices, pulleys and ropes. Scaffolding inspections ISQ verifies scaffolding compliance with reference documentation (legal requirements, design data, project assembly / disassembly, manufacturer’s specifications) and best practices rules. Life line inspections Visual inspections and tests horizontal and vertical life lines, rigid or flexible and from fasteners and pre-tension components, according to NP EN 795:1999. Test of atmosphere in confines spaces By monitoring and measuring potentially hazardous atmospheres, ISQ verifies the existence of O2 deficiency, hazardous chemical agents (gases or vapours) and / or explosivity in such workplaces, allowing to establish necessary conditions to develop a safe work, preserving workers Health & Safety and the integrity of equipment and goods.


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