Technical assistance on materials, welding and corrosion

ISQ has large experience and knowledge in the area of materials and their behaviour in corrosion and welding, providing technical assistance services to oil&gas, pulp&paper, petrochemical and power industries. Technical assistance on corrosion Corrosion diagnostics and monitoring in water systems, including thermal waters; closed circuits such as fire and HVAC systems and boiler water circuits Assessment and analysis of efficiency of methods of chemical cleaning and passivation in water circuits, in particular of boilers Diagnosis and assessment of high-temperature corrosion mechanisms Corrosion protection systems specification through the use of corrosion inhibitors or by application of cathodic protection systems and/or coatings Corrosion resisting materials selection and specification Technical assistance materials Materials characterization, identification and selection depending on application and assessment of its suitability to the environment and service conditions Materials corrosion behaviour evaluation, including evaluation of mechanical, chemical and metallurgical resistance when exposed to certain environments or service conditions Degradation mechanisms analysis, including corrosion, cracking, fracture or mechanical failure Protection coatings against wear and corrosion Technical assistance in welding Materials characterization Weldability tests Welding processes selection Welding procedures qualification (Notified Body) Welders qualification (Accredited Body) Defects and failures analysis – causes and remedial advice EWF – Welding Specialist service; Welding Engineer service; Welder service Inspection and quality control Welding interventions on gas pipeline preparation, assistance and control without interrupting the gas flow Technical assistance on repairs by welding (maintenance welding) Training


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