Thermodynamic characterisation of materials (specific heat

Thermodynamic characterisation of materials (specific heat, thermal conductivity, dilatometrics)

Dilatometrics TMA 402 F1 Hyperion testing and analysis equipment for dilatometry testing of samples under the following conditions: Max length: 30 mm Measurement range ± 2.5 mm ± 2.5 mm Resolution of dig: (length) 0,125 nm 0,125 nm Range of strength 0,001 N ± 3 N in steps of 0.2 mN 0,001 N ± 3 N in steps of 0.2 mN Resolution of dig: (force) < 0.01 mN < 0.01 mN Force modulated up to 1 Hz Maximum vacuum < 10-4 mbar < 10-2 mbar Combined System TG-DTA-DSC TG (Termo-Gravimetrics) measures the variation in the mass of the sample depending on the temperature or time DTA (Differential Thermal Analysis) is used to measure energy purposes when a sample is subjected to a controlled temperature program. The analysis of transition temperatures, such as decomposition temperatures, fusion or vitreous transition, can be measured with great accuracy The DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) technique is the most common thermal analysis for the characterization of solids and liquids and can be used for the study of: System for the operation of room temperature up to 1650 ºC or from -120 ºC up to + 1000 ºC Processes of fusion/crystallization Degree of crystallinity Polymorphism Vitreous transitions Thermal decomposition Oxidative stability – ILO-OIT Solid-solid purity reactions Cp - specific heat Thermal diffusivity 0.001 to 10 cm2/sec Specific heat Thermal conductivity 0.1 ... 2000 W/(m*K) Thermal diffusion/thermal conductivity LFA (Laser Flash Analysis) is a technique where the thermal diffusivity of a sample (powders, solids or liquids) is measured by monitoring the rise in temperature of the sample, when subjected to the pulse of a source of energy. Calculates the specific heat of the sample. When knowing the thermal diffusivity and specific heat of the sample the thermal conductivity can thus be calculated. System in operation under ambient temperature up to 1100 ºC. Versatile System that allows the measurement in powders, solids and liquids. ISQ area of thermodynamic characterization of materials is equipped with NETZSCH equipment.



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